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Helping Entrepreneurs become Bestselling Authors
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have you got ideas to share?

People to help? A legacy to build? An empire to grow?

Or maybe just a little voice that says 'but I've always wanted to write a book...'

One that you know can inspire, educate, entertain, help or move people? Are you in the business of changing lives? Fixing problems? Creating results? Do you have the passion, drive and commitment to share your story with the widest possible audience? 

then let's make your words count!

Hi there! I'm going to guess that you're here because you're smart...

You know that you're rocking a pretty good business model and now you are working on the things that are really going to set you apart, guarantee your success, take you to the next level and make sure that you:


Maybe you are you dreaming of being the Next Big Thing in your industry. Maybe you ARE the Next Big Thing in your industry.  Maybe you work in a competitive field, but know WITHOUT QUESTION that you have the focus, commitment and motivation to be the 5% that are going to make it.  You have big plans for business growth and impacting the lives of as many people as possible.

Then you, my friend, have come to the right place.

If you haven't already thought about writing a book, then it's high time you did.

It is one of the best ways to put you, your brand and your business on the map. Whether you want to attract more of your ideal clients, create high profile PR and media attention or open the door to a speaking career, adding Author to your bio can do just that. If it's something that you've always meant to do 'some day' then let me urge you that NOW IS THE TIME and I will show you that it's a lot easier than you may think it is!

But let's be clear:

Writing a book and sticking it up for sale online and thinking 'job done', isn't the point. There are probably plenty of other people out there who can help you with that. You're not going to get this done in 30 days. Well, you're not going to do it well in 30 days. 

For me, one of the most important steps is what happens AFTER your book comes out. How do we loop this back in to benefit your business?

  • I want to help you TURN READERS INTO CLIENTS.
  • I want to help you get a return on investment for your efforts that goes beyond the personal satisfaction of having written a book (although that is great too).
  • I want to help you get that right, and weave that intention into the book and your launch strategy from the very beginning. 

But maybe I haven't convinced you yet just how great writing a book could be for your business. So here are not 1, or 2, or 3 reasons, but TWENTY FIVE reasons why writing a book is one of the best things you can do for your business:

25 ways writing a book can help you grow your business 

  1. Leverage your Intellectual Property
  2. Establish yourself as an authority in your field
  3. Charge more for your services, programmes and packages
  4. Have a packed-out waiting list of clients eager to work with you
  5. Create sold-out group programme launches
  6. Secure high-profile speaking engagements
  7. Attract partners for joint ventures and collaborations
  8. Gain more credibility
  9. Gain cut-through in a crowded niche
  10. Grow your personal profile
  11. Grow your business brand
  12. Get incredible insight into what your customers are thinking
  13. Create a passive income stream
  14. Grow your email list
  15. Attract not just more but more profitable customers
  16. Turn fans into super fans
  17. Spread your message and your story more widely
  18. Help more people solve a problem
  19. Get more clarity around your business plans and goals
  20. Get ahead of the competition
  21. Get more publicity
  22. Get more brand clarity
  23. Undertake a rewarding and creative personal challenge
  24. Create a tangible legacy that can help people all round the world
  25. Be an unbelievably, deservedly smug bad-ass

Dude, there's got to be at LEAST one of those that sounds pretty good right? But maybe now you're thinking  

OK yeah, it's great on paper but:

  • I've got NO IDEA how to turn my business model into an idea for a book
  • I don't know HOW to even write a book... 
  • I certainly don't know how to PUBLISH a book...
  • I've got no clue how to get a book deal...
  • Who am I to write a book...?
  • I definitely haven't got TIME to write a book!
  • I haven't got the platform yet necessary to launch a book
  • I've got no idea how to plan a book launch!

OK, ok - I get it! It's scary, confusing, daunting, overwhelming.... well it can be - IF  - you go it alone.

this is where i step in ...


My name is Jessica and I'm a Publishing Coach & Consultant who has spent 20 years working in the publishing industry. During that time I have worked for a number of major multi-award-winning UK publishing houses, working with hundreds of authors and created countless bestsellers. When I left to start my consultancy I was a Board-Level Marketing Director, with experience of publishing everyone from first time debut authors to household names like John Grisham, Stephen King & Stephen Fry. In two decades I have worked on pretty much every kind of fiction and non-fiction genre, learned everything about publishing - inside out and upside down - AND become a marketing & promotion ninja. 

And now, I want to show YOU some of the amazing benefits of becoming a published, bestselling author and how, with an experienced guide walking you through the process step-by-step, you can achieve something that maybe you've only ever dreamed of.

You can read about just a few of the things that I can help you with on your journey to the top of the Bestseller list over on my Work With Me page. 

I hope that has got you thinking about the wonderful doors that writing a book could open for you, your brand and your business. And how, with an experienced publishing consultant, the process will be rewarding, creative,  fun, successful & lucrative! 

So if you are committed to investing in your business growth, then come take a look at how we can work together to get that book out into the world and into the hands of eager readers everywhere.  I can't wait to get started.

And remember - if you don't write it, someone else will!

Jessica x