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Helping Entrepreneurs become Bestselling Authors
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Don’t just be a face in the crowd, be the one the crowd is looking to and learning from …

I work with ambitious and talented entrepreneurs who have a mission to help other people live their best lives and run their best businesses.

But it can be a struggle when you feel like you are just one-of-many in your field and it’s hard to get your voice heard amongst the clamour of other coaches, consultants and experts out there. You want to be able to communicate your USP and reach the widest possible audience so you can teach and support as many people as possible. You want to be able to make an impact in their lives AND in your own business.

Writing a book is a wonderful key to open that door… but with everything else you have to do in your business, it can feel like an impossible mountain to climb, so there the idea stays, at the bottom of your to-do list.

Which is where I come in… Together we can make sure that we remove all the overwhelm and blocks to getting started and make sure you write the RIGHT book - one that will benefit your business and your brand and be a no-brainer purchase for your ideal readers and clients. 

With the benefit of my 20 years of experience within the publishing industry, expert help & motivational support, we can get you past all those things that have held you back until now (like ’No time!’ & ‘Who am I to write a book??’) so that you are 100% confident that you are the perfect person to write this book and that now is the perfect time to do it.

  • What if you knew before you even started writing a word that your readers would flock to leave you 5 star reviews?

  • What if you knew that writing your book was actually a simple step-by-step process that you could achieve in a matter of weeks rather than months (or years!)

  • What if you knew that you had an expert pair of eyes editing and shaping your work to help you write the very best book possible?

  • What if you knew that you had a (slightly bossy) cheerleader to keep you on track and accountable to getting it written on time?

  • What if you knew that the halo effect of launching your book would generate the leads, speaking opportunities and PR coverage you have dreamt of?

There are 3 main ways that you can work with me and get some 1:1 #BookWitch ninja skillz (although every book is unique, so how I work with each client is bespoke to what you need).

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Let's get together for 3 hours. I promise I can work book magic in that time. I did for Pamela. This is what she said:

“OK people so here is the thing - if you are on the fence I cannot say strongly enough JUST DO IT! Best investment I've made in my business. Jessica is the real deal. So if you're pussy-footing about like I was for like FOREVER I promise you won't regret it.” 

This is perfect for someone who knows they want to write a book, but don't just have a handle on what shape it's going to take yet. We can use that time to do a deep dive into what the book needs to be to work for your current business model, to attract your ideal clients and to build your profile. We will look at your areas of expertise and plan the shape of your book so that it fits with your current business - leading people to the front door of your courses, online programmes or 1:1 work. You will walk away with an outline where previously you had merely a facepalm emoji where your ideas were supposed to be.

Or maybe you've got a handle on that already but want help and accountability in drilling down into the detail of what you need to be writing in each chapter to move the reader through the book. Let's turn all that brain spaghetti into a detailed chapter breakdown that will be a dream to write and a joy to read.

Or maybe you've written it and it's ready to go and you think 'oh shit, now what' and need to fire up some fast track marketing and PR strategies.

As you can see, in that intensive session, we can cover whatever you need to get you started, move you forward and get you published. We will start by having a chat about where you're currently at, and I will outline what we'll cover before we go ahead.

INVESTMENT:  3 hour intensive = £1,500.  Or book 2 intensives at once for just £2,500.  They can be spaced out across a month to allow you time to implement and move yourself even further. 

Email me to arrange a time for an initial chat to see if this is the right option for you and your book idea. 



If you have your heart set on getting your book published by a traditional publisher, then you need to put together a killer proposal to get your foot in the door. 

Now I'm not going to lie to you, getting a traditional deal is very very hard. Of all the submissions that literary agents get, very few make the cut. So if you want to give yourself the best chance of success, then you need to take an extremely professional & rigorous approach to your submission to ensure you stand out head and shoulders above the competition. 

Why work with me on your proposal? Smart question. Well because as a marketing director for a major publisher, I saw hundreds and hundreds of proposals come across my desk to be considered for publication. And these were just the good ones that managed to land themselves agents first. And of those, only a tiny fraction were acquired and published. So I know what makes a good proposal and what makes a great proposal and what makes a proposal that makes a publishing sales director drool (because it's not just editors that make the decision about buying a book). I have been, as the annoying saying goes 'in the room' for countless decisions about whether or not to sign up a new author. I have also created more submissions and pitches than you've had hot dinners. 

So if you have an idea for a non-fiction book and you want to get represented by a literary agent then you pretty much need all of the following:

  • An absolutely bullet-proof idea

  • A full outline

  • A detailed chapter breakdown

  • 2-3 written chapters of material

  • A publishing proposal (basically a business plan)

I will work with you on pulling all of that together. We will have at least 2 three hour intensive sessions to guide you through the process of creating your idea, outline and detailed chapter breakdown. Then you go away and write up your material, with support, accountability, cheerleading, virtual cups of tea from me. I will then edit your first draft for you and help you polish the material through a couple more drafts as required. I will then guide you on all the information you need to include in the rest of the proposal, to ensure you are putting your best, most compelling foot forward, when the time comes for you to send your proposal out to agents. This can take anything up to 4 months (as it obviously depends on how long it takes you to write 3 chapters). We then get you a designed up, beautiful looking document to send out to agents and editors.

(Please note, working with me on your proposal does NOT guarantee you a publishing deal. The eagle-eyed, more stalkery amongst you will notice that I do also work as a literary agent myself, and again, to be clear, working with me on your proposal does NOT guarantee any kind of representation. What it does mean is that I really really know my stuff and want to help you put together an amazing proposal for an amazing book).

INVESTMENT: £8,000 (payment plan available)

Please email me so we can chat about your idea to see if it's a good fit before we go ahead to work together, or if you're unsure whether traditional publishing is the best way to go for your book. 



So this is the nose-to-tail, nuts-to-soup option. This takes you from brain spaghetti idea to a self- or hybrid- published book that out in the world and selling, driving attention right back into your business. This is your own personal #BookWitch on tap.  If going it alone seems like a daunting faff and you are serious, committed but know that you need the accountability to get it done, then we need to talk.

We will get all the planning and outlining and chapter breakdowns done together. You will 100% KNOW that you are writing the right book that you NEED to write, and frankly you won't be expecting the halo effect that it has on how you view your business and your future goals.

Once we've got that nailed I'm on hand whilst you go away and write. I will structurally edit and guide you through a couple of drafts. I will support you in finding all the resources you need to publish a professional looking book that makes you proud to hold in your hand and I will work with you to create an unmissable marketing and PR strategy for your launch. 

I only take on a very small number of clients to do this with, as the fit has to be right for both of us. This typically takes between 9-12 months of working together, and I would always love this to include some face-to-face meetings were geographically possible for VIP intensive sessions. 

INVESTMENT: £15,000 (payment plan available)

Please apply to work with me here

#BOOKWITCH Membership

Looking for support and accountability in a small group setting? Then join up to the BookWitch membership. For a monthly subscription you will get your ass lovingly kicked to make sure you are sticking to your word count. Office hours, group coaching calls and teaching sessions are everything you need to cheer you to the finish line and beyond with your book.


My signature group programme Plan-to-Publish now has some modules available as a Self Study course. So if you’re ready to sit down and work out what the book needs to be, and indeed where your business is going, then this is a fantastic way of getting some detailed support at a fraction of the investment. WARNING: I’ve been told it makes your brain hurt and your business better. Side effects include having a detailed chapter breakdown that makes writing a breeze…