Welcome to Plan-to-Publish! This is your member's area where all the modules, videos, workbooks and recordings of calls will be hosted. Scroll down the page for the modules! If you have any problems, tech issues, meltdowns, strops or tantrums then please email me at Jessica@JessicaKillingley.com and I can fix it and give you a biscuit. 


Join the private Facebook Group here! If you have any trouble joining then friend request me and I will add you in personally. This is the place to share your progress, keep each other accountable and celebrate the big A-ha! moments. I will be in there regularly, popping up on Lives and answering quick questions. There will be a weekly thread for questions that can be answered on the group call, so if you can't make it live, just post in there and I'll answer your question for you to listen back to on the replay.

Zoom Calls


Call 1 - Thursday 5th July 8.30pm - https://zoom.us/j/288249308  DOWNLOAD THE REPLAY HERE 

BONUS CALL with Sam Colclough - Tuesday 10th July at 12.00pm https://zoom.us/j/886655638 


Call 2 - Thursday 12th July 8.30pm - https://zoom.us/j/203561552 DOWNLOAD THE REPLAY HERE 

(audio version & text chat)

Call 3 - Thursday 19th July 8.30pm - https://zoom.us/j/943109566 DOWNLOAD THE REPLAY HERE 


Call 4 - Thursday 2nd August 9.00am -https://zoom.us/j/750643300 DOWNLOAD THE REPLAY HERE


Call 5 - Thursday 16th August 8.30pm - https://zoom.us/j/549824126 DOWNLOAD THE REPLAY HERE


Call 6 - Thursday 13th September  - https://zoom.us/j/576156238 DOWNLOAD THE REPLAY HERE

VIP 1:1 calls to be booked directly with me! They need to be completed by the 25th October unless we have arranged separately for an extension. 






Module 5:

Password: Marketing

Module 6:




The Mindset Bonus: 

Mindset Coach Sam Colclough has provided us with some amazing assets as part of this bonus. If you're not already familiar with her work, I promise that once you've dipped your toe in you will be an absolute convert! If you've ever experienced any doubt or imposter syndrome or lack of confidence around your writing (um, that will be everyone then) then Sam is definitely the secret weapon you need. Start off by watching the video which explains how your mind works (or doesn't) and then download the MP3 and listen to it EVERY NIGHT! She will be running a group hypnotherapy call on Tuesday 10th July at 12.00 so come prepared with any questions. If you have any of those annoying, nagging little voices that tell you you're not good enough to write a book, then make sure you don't miss it.

The PR Bonus:

Natalie Trice will be in the Facebook Group doing a LIVE with me on Wednesday 19th September at 12.00. Her training video and Press Release template will be available in this member's area during that week. 

The Publishing Bonus:

I am delighted to announce that we have Lucy McCarraher who is the Managing Editor at hybrid publisher,  Rethink Press joining us for a Zoom call on Monday 17th September at 12.00.

We will be joined by Jason Johns onWednesday at 11am. He is a self-publishing expert, having written, published and sold a vast number of books using Amazon's self publishing platforms. His video on how to use these will be available during this week and I will confirm the time of our call. Again, I will post a thread for questions if you can't make it live. 

I will be doing a Facebook Live on traditional publishing where I will be walking you through the pros and cons, how to get an agent, and what it's actually like. I will start a thread for additional questions in the Facebook Group. I will be posting a Book Proposal Template on this page and will be covering what it is and how you use it during my live!


If you are a VIP member then you will need to share some of your workbooks with me so I can feedback on your outline, your chapter breakdown and your PR & Marketing plans. You don't have to share EVERYTHING if you've written notes that you'd rather keep private, but the more I know about your objectives, the more I am able to steer you in the right direction. Feel free to send them to me any time from week 5 onwards and I will let you know when you will receive your video feedback and then when we can go ahead and book our 1:1 call together to go through what's next for you. 

If you print out and handwrite in your workbooks that's fine to send me a scan of them but please make sure your writing is legible!