Welcome to Plan-to-Publish! This is a unique opportunity for you to go through the four key modules of my signature course as a self-study programme at a fraction of the investment of taking part in the live round. You still get access to all the teaching, videos, audio and workbooks that you need to get yourself an unbeatable book outline that is going to turn readers into clients.

When it comes to planning a book that means business, it’s always about MORE than just your book idea. So I am going to walk you through a deep dive into what your business model is, and where you’re taking it over the next few years so that you know that you are writing the RIGHT book. Writing a book ISN’T as overwhelming and daunting as people think (especially if you plan it out well!) but it IS hard work, so you need to know that the work you’re putting into it is doing to deliver for you.

When you’ve finished working through these four modules, you should have a detailed chapter outline, that will make sitting down to get your first draft written a LOT easier.

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If you have any questions, or you have some great A-HA moments to share, please come on over to my Plan, Publish & Promote Facebook Group where we can chat all about it and I can help untangle any brain spaghetti.

Scroll down the page for the modules! If you have any problems, tech issues, meltdowns, strops or tantrums then please email me at Jessica@JessicaKillingley.com and I can fix it and give you a biscuit.