Are you ready to pull away from the pack?


This is the Next Chapter of your business…

You know what you are doing. You’ve been there and got the t shirt and testimonials.

You’ve nailed 1:1. You’ve nailed 1: many. You know how to design, sell and deliver all manner of products and programmes. You have, quite literally, already written the book on it.

But now, you’re fed up of the NOISE. The new breed of coaches clamouring for attention. The shouty 6 and 7 figure ads. The whining clients who won’t do the work. It’s all getting a bit… boring?

This isn’t why you got into this. It’s about connecting back to helping people. With more than just another webinar on how to fix your funnel. 

You’ve done a book. It was a bit scary but you did it and you’re proud of it. But there’s a little nagging voice…

A voice that says. “Shit. I could have played this a LOT bigger’.

So let’s play it bigger. It’s time to think about the long game. Not just 2-3 years. Not just 5 years. But 10 years. Legacy.

Who are you going to be? What impact have you made? Who cares how big your FB group is… What have you achieved in the REAL WORLD?

This is about knowing that you are, frankly, better than most.

Because you are more tenacious, more committed and more intentional about how you can put what you do to the best use for the most people.

It’s time to set yourself on that path. 


You are a powerful communicator and you have a message that is meant for more.

It’s time to put the pieces of the bigger picture together. You know it’s not going to happen overnight, but you know it’s time to start moving the pieces around the board.

There are many things that will come into play to get you there. More, higher-profile speaking engagements. Better quality PR. And a book. 

Now I get that you’ve done a book already. But there are books and there are BOOKS. 

You write the best book that you can at any given stage. But now you’ve moved on in your work and you’ve got your eyes on a bigger prize, there is a new book to write.

Maybe you’ve got your eyes on a traditional deal at some point in the future.

You know (because god knows I’ve told you enough times) that if you want to get that deal and then you want to make it work really hard for you, you need the biggest platform possible. And that comes from a single minded focus and a strategy to grow and deliver a single clear message.

This book is the tool that’s going to pull all of that off. To put all of that in motion.


I have put this mastermind together to do just that. It’s called the “Next Chapter” mastermind but it could equally be called the ‘No Dicking About’ mastermind. You now what to do, you know the drill. But this is where we level it up.

It’s part ‘Hey let’s write a book, but you know, really properly this time’

But mostly it’s a laboratory. And what we are cooking up is the absolute BOSS version of you, which we are going to reverse engineer and chase down like an absolute motherfucker. Take no prisoners.

We will go fast. My normal masterminds are 12 months. We are going to crack through this in 6-9 months.

We start with a two day in-person intensive workshop. On Day 1 we are going to get forensic - about the books you’ve already written, the experiences you’ve had, and where you really REALLY want to take this. What (or who) are you gunning for? I don’t know what your big picture looks like, but I know how to hold space for you so that it can be deconstructed and reverse engineered. This is where you call your shot. This might be squirmy. You’re going to be in a room, most likely with a small handful of people you’ve never met before and suddenly you’re sharing your biggest business aspirations.

But guess what - get comfortable with being uncomfortable; because if you don’t know what you’re shooting for, then I can’t help you make sure you hit it. This is your War Room. But, you know, with cake.

On Day 2 we dig into how you get your expertise down on paper and what the structure of this book is going to look like. This isn’t just a rehash of a course you’ve delivered. This is you showing off you at your very best. What happens when you really get in the zone. So at the end of those two days you’ve got your outline ready to go.

You then have 12 weeks over the summer to go away and write the whole thing. No excuses. You know the drill.

We have a laser 1:1 call every couple of weeks during this time to check in on progress and tackle any issues, get your ass lovingly kicked etc etc.

Come September, I will go through your whole first draft and come back to you with notes to help you edit your work. (If you want me to do a full structural edit then we can discuss that as an extra).

Whilst you are working on your next draft, we will start to lock in your publication plans and I will work with you in choosing the best hybrid option to make sure you get the publication that you want.

Our 1:1 calls continue as you go through your drafts to polish, get you to beta-read stage and ready to deliver your final manuscript.

The REAL work

When you did this the first time round, you probably thought that writing the book WAS the real work. But then you published it and it was exciting for a bit … and then it was ok…. and then it was a bit ‘meh’.

Publishing a book is never how you think it’s going to be. Because it’s actually the bit that comes right at the end that really makes the difference.

So in the autumn, we will come together as a group for another intensive workshop to start mapping out how you are going to launch this sucker and then some.

By now you know that going for a Bestseller tag on Amazon, whilst nice to have, isn’t really the end goal. So it’s time to plan this properly.

The launch workshop will include a session with a Business Book PR specialist. Following that you will also get a 1:1 call with her included, to go through a bespoke PR strategy. (The option is also there should you want to retain her as a consultant to run your PR campaign for you if you need the extra help).

We will focus on the things that you ACTUALLY want this to deliver on:

  • Doing an audio book

  • Getting booked for more speaking gigs

  • Putting on your own events

  • Getting glossy womens’ magazine coverage

  • Getting serious business press coverage

  • Doing a speaking tour in schools

  • Winning a Business Book Award

I’m not going to bombard you with bonuses and extras. But we will work on the things that will make a difference and I will bring in all the people I know that know how to do this to support you. I promise you, that if you’re thinking ‘but I’ve thrown the kitchen sink at publishing my book and got crickets’ then you have literally no idea what is possible.

I did this part for 20 fucking years so trust me when I tell you, you won’t have even scratched the surface of what’s possible.

You bring the determination, commitment and vision, I’ll bring the tactics, the experts and more cake. Together we will be relentless and you will be unstoppable.

It’s clean, simple, high-touch support to write the best book and publish with the impact it deserves.

You think you’ve done it before? You haven’t done it this way.

Like a motherfucker, as I said.

Investment: £15K - payment plans available.


This includes fortnightly laser 1:1 calls with me; 2 days of book outline workshopping, 1 day of launch strategy workshopping, including the session with the Book PR specialist AND a 1hr 1:1 call with her for bespoke plans. Any other guest expert sessions depending on what you need to hit your goal. It also includes a full feedback report on your first draft, as well as everything else you need support in around navigating your publishing contract with your hybrid.

We start in June. (If you want to submit for the Business Book Awards 2020 you need to publish by 31.12.19)

Can I point to a clear ROI? Not really, no.

Because the success of this book will come not just in the investment in me, but in your investment back into yourself in terms of your time and energy. The more committed you are - and the more honest you are upfront about where you want to go, the clearer it will be to see how this book will have opened up new opportunities of success for you.

But if you want a tangible example:

Launch a mastermind off the back of this book and you will make your investment back from your first couple of clients.

The halo effect? Priceless.

I haven’t just spent my entire career marketing and selling books. I have actually spent it looking strategically at how a book not only gets traction with readers but also feeds back into growing the author’s profile and influence. It’s why I became a literary agent as well as a consultant, because it’s about being able to see the bigger picture of someone’s career and helping them move those pieces around the board at a tactical level.

Because when you get it right, the impact you can make in the lives of the people you help?

That’s the bit that’s fucking priceless.

Email me at and say ‘I’M IN’ (or ‘let’s talk’- but you know me, I’m after decisive action takers) <grin>