WELCOME to this masterclass!

I am super excited to share with you how you can actually get this book out into the world without wanting to punch yourself in the face!

In this training, I am going to walk you through:

  • WHY writing a book is such a powerful business strategy

  • HOW specifically a book can benefit your business

  • WHAT are the reasons that might be stopping you from starting (and how to smash past them)

  • WHAT steps you need to go through

  • HOW I can help you make it easier and fun!

    Ready to get your book outlined? Then this is where you grab the PLAN-to-PUBLISH self-study modules. Don’t forget, as a thank you for watching this masterclass you get to save 20% - yes that’s a whopping £100! - off the price!

If you want to write and publish a book, but genuinely don’t know where you start, then this is absolutely the best place to help you untangle that brain spaghetti and plan out the RIGHT book that you need to write RIGHT NOW.

Remember - the next live round of Plan-to-Publish won’t be happening until 2019 and it will cost at least £1500, so grab this bargain while you can!

If you have any issues, concerns, questions, comments, problems, jokes or good cocktail recipes OR you would like to talk to me about other ways of working and getting this done with totally bespoke support and strategies, then please email me at Jessica@JessicaKillingley.com

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