5 things you need to do differently when you write your second book


Have you already written a book that is connected with your business, but it’s left you feeling a bit… underwhelmed? Or maybe it’s not aligned with who you are or what you do anymore?

Either way, it would be tempting to just write off the idea of books as a profile-raising, impact-creating, change-making power tool because they are ‘not your thing’.

But luckily for you, I’ve got you covered. Because obviously OF COURSE books are your thing. So sharpen your pencil, pour yourself a shot of the good stuff and let’s get to work…

This is a short list of the sorts of things that you might have … not fucked up, exactly… but not given enough thought to the first time round:


Your book isn’t just about RIGHT NOW.

It may not even be about how you are currently working.

This is about having your eyes on a future prize and being able to answer the question WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE KNOWN FOR at a really macro level.

If you’ve been rocking your business for a couple of years now, but starting to think it’s time to focus, niche and maybe even course-correct a little, then a book is EVERYTHING you need in your life right now. Because not only is it going to be the perfect, authoritative business card that will take you forward into your future as a go-to expert, but the planning of it is going to have a massive HALO EFFECT the planning of your entire business model.

The process of planning and outlining it, never mind the actual writing of it, is going to bring the key tentpoles of your business and brand into sharp focus. Don’t want to be talking about it for the next 5 year? Not really a way that you want to make any money? Then don’t write a book about it.

Look at the people you admire in the space you’re in, or at least people with trajectories that you might want to emulate. How have their books played a part in orchestrating this?

Thinking to yourself ‘but I could never do what they’ve done’? You get that they all thought that about themselves one day, right?

The difference between them and you? They did it anyway.

It’s all about reverse engineering that big goal and moving forward to it one step at a time. It’s not the goal that matters as much as deciding who you need to be to achieve the goal.


And by this I don’t mean schedule out your social media posts that say ‘hey my book is out’.

I’m thinking MUCH bigger picture.

A second book is an opportunity to GO BIG. Because a lot of people I talk to who have done one, admit to having this little nagging voice that says ‘shit, I could have played this SO MUCH BIGGER’.

But give yourself some grace. You didn’t know what you didn’t know. (Sometimes if you did know, you’d never do it, but that’s a subject for another post).

But this time round you know more. Writing the actual book presents it's own challenges, but making it work really hard for you after it’s out is where the gold lies. Be CRYSTAL CLEAR about how this is converting readers into whatever your new version of an ideal client looks like, otherwise you’re just pissing about with your ROI.

You’re not doing all this work because you want to sell a group programme. This is about building the foundations of your IP legacy.


This is the twin sister to point 2. You can’t really start doing this early enough. Your PR strategy ISN’T about ‘hey my book is out’ just like your marketing strategy isn’t about the same thing either.

When you write your first book, you might be at a point where doing PR is still a little uncomfortable and so having the book to hide behind makes it all a bit easier.

But now you’re stepping up, PR IS THE POINT. This is all about making a massive impact; the book is part of the strategy to do this.

It both is - and isn’t - all about you. The whole point of making a massive impact is for the people that you are doing it for. Who are you helping? How are you helping them?

You can’t change the world if your message is hidden. You can’t be a powerful communicator if nobody can hear what you have to say.

Your PR is part of an on-going brand strategy, that dovetails seamlessly with the book. The book gives your PR momentum and vice versa.


You should be past the point by now of trying to cobble everything together yourself. Get properly tooled up by surrounding yourself with experts in what ever areas you need the most help with.

This might be experienced guidance on strategy or done-for-you implementation around production or bespoke support on your marketing and PR.

The first time round you’re not sure what you can do yourself, where you can cut some corners and what you actually need to invest in.

The second time round you need to stay in your lane and focus on the part you do best. Smart people, successful people GET HELP. And this is why you start back at point 1 with understanding your ROI.

Because you do indeed need to invest. And if you plan it right, the more you invest the greater your return.


There is literally no end to the amount of marketing and PR that you can do for your book (or your business). But of course, you can’t do ALL the things, or you would go absolutely bonkers.

And that’s why we circle back around to points 1 and 2. Know before you start how far you can (or want to) take this.

If you’ve got to 6 weeks post-publication and mentions of your book have dried up, you’re missing a massive trick. Have a strategy in place for at least 6 months post publication. Being proud of your 'Bestseller' tag the first time round is understandable - but in reality you now know that it’s the result of a well-timed bit of marketing and a half decent email list. It's about so, so much more than your 15 minutes of fame.

Worried you’re going to fatigue your audience? Seriously?

You’ve spent god knows how long writing it and you’re just politely going to stop talking about it when you get to the point that you’re concerned you might annoy someone?

What really matters is getting your book out beyond your immediate community, because you’re not going to gain any traction until you start to reach and impact people who have never heard of you.

You need to bang that drum. Over. And Over. And Over.

(and this is why you celebrate getting a shit review on amazon. You’ve made it baby!)

Don’t wait to be asked onto someone’s stage or podcast or magazine. Make your own noise.

Sounds too much like hard work?

Then maybe being a Rockstar change-maker who impacts the lives of thousands or millions isn’t for you.

Maybe your message isn’t that compelling. Maybe you’re not meant for more.

Or maybe that’s all bollocks.

Call the shots. Get the help. Do the work.

Be the change.

Are you ready for your Next Chapter? If you want to get started on your next book and you’re ready to do it differently this time, then come and have a look over here and let’s talk…

Jessica Killingley