The 7 Immutable Laws of #BookWitch that I know to be true...


1) If you don't tell your story, somebody else might…

2) Publishing and marketing a book, setting up and growing your business, working out what to do with it all. These things are both simple and also leave you feeling it would be easier to fly to the moon. But with the right mindset, and the right person by your side walking you through the process, well, then you've got GOLD DUST baby

3) You are special. What you want to do & write about is special. People will go crazy for what you have to offer. Believe it. When you do believe it, that's half the battle won

4) If you can help 1 person, you can help 100. Or 1000.

5) Making the leap to do something that is a little scary is MIRACULOUS. Being the driving force behind a successful business is going to feel WONDROUS. Publishing a book will make you feel INVINCIBLE. Sharing your story and your words to help, entertain, educate and inspire others will make you FORMIDABLE*

6) Having someone in your corner helping you do this is going to make you UNSTOPPABLE. If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, find your tribe

7) Giving up before you've even really tried is WEAK SAUCE. Go hard or go home. Pain is weakness leaving your body. Stumbling blocks are just stepping stones you haven't seen yet. Done is better than perfect. Seriously,  I can do this all day...

*Anyone else find it impossible to say that word NOT in French accent? 

Jessica Killingley