7 Reasons (and a secret) to writing the Book that's going to Boost your Business...

Grow your business with a book

Gary Vaynerchuck's done it. Gabby Bernstein's done it. Marie Forleo and Denise Duffield Thomas are about to do it. Tony Robbins has done it a TON of times. 

I'm talking, of course, about writing a book. All these incredibly smart entrepreneurs and thought leaders know that a book is something that will 10x their brand, spread their message, establish their authority and get more eyes on their business. 

Want to be in the same club? Then read on, my friend...

So because I don't like to do things the way that I'm supposed to, I'm not going to leave you to read all the way to the bottom to discover the secret. I'm going to start with it. And I'm not going to sugarcoat it either, because frankly, we want to ditch the people who are too lazy to commit to doing something this awesome. 

The secret? Well, it's a bit unexpected. Are you ready? 

You're really not going to make much money from your book sales. 

There. I said it. The chances of you selling a million copies? Slim. The chances of you winning a glittering prize? Slimmer.

This has got nothing to do with your ability or the quality of your book, I promise. It's purely a numbers game at this stage. Have I put you off yet? No? OK. How about this...

When you look back at the work you put into creating and publishing the book and set that against the revenue you make from sales, you're going to want to stab yourself. 

Had enough yet? There you go. 

Right. Those that are still with me? LET'S DO THIS!

Now we've got rid of the dead wood we can get down to business. And in this case, YOUR BUSINESS. Because yes, writing and publishing a book - on the surface - doesn't look like the most sensible return on investment. BUT I'm here to tell you that writing a book is one of the most insanely freaking awesome things you can do for you business, if you see that book as a marketing tool. 

Now before I go on any further and explain that, I want to interrupt myself (it's OK, I'm allowed to do that) and say JUST BECAUSE IT'S A MARKETING TOOL, DOESN'T MEAN IT CAN BE SHIT. If you genuinely want it boost your business and your brand, then you have to work your little socks off to write the best book you can possibly write. I shouldn't need to tell you this, but obviously if you are putting work out there, with your name on it, to further your business and your brand then it needs to adopt the same values and integrity you bring to everything you do.

Repeat after me: Marketing is not evil.

Ok. So maybe at this point you're shouting 'Jessica, will you just get to the effing point!' to which I shout back at you 'YES! here are the 7 reasons why a book is a genius way to boost your business'


If you work in what can sometimes feel like a crowded niche (hello coaching) (thanks Facebook ad targeting algorithm), having  'Author' as part of your bio is going to do some really heavy lifting when it comes to setting you apart from others in your field and getting you ahead of the competition. If you're a client looking to invest, then chances are, the first thing you'll do is read that book to make sure you know what you're talking about.


Writing down all the stuff in your head on your chosen subject is going to make you look smart. OK, it's a bit more complicated than that, but the simple fact is that getting this book written and published is automatically going to put you into the 5% of us who GET SHIT DONE. You've put time and thought into sharing your expertise and showing that you are qualified to write about this subject. The reviews and publicity coverage that accompany it gives you the social proof that you are indeed, an expert in your field.


If one of your goals is to do more speaking & networking events, or even go after one of those elusive and prized TedX spots, then having a book in your arsenal is going to be a fantastic calling card. Organisers of events who are looking for speakers need a quick and reliable way of knowing that whomever they are putting on their stage is going to deliver quality goods for their paying audiences. A book (and one with great reviews and publicity coverage) is going to fast-track that process, having established you as an authority in your chosen subject. (see above). 


The process of launching your book is an absolute gift when it comes to your social profiles and content marketing. A successful launch & promotional strategy will have the halo effect of growing your platform, increasing engagement, bringing new eyes into your business and turning fans into SUPERfans. 


And of course, because you've grown your tribe, you've now got many more eyes on your business - and not just those that are buying and reading your book. But of course those that do read your book, what do we want them to do? We want them to find out more about you and - crucially - how they can get MORE of YOU. Whether they sign up to your email list or rush to join your membership programme, it's all about turning those readers into clients. 


I'm going to assume that working with you 1:1 is pretty expensive. Isn't it? It should be (but that's another conversation). Not everyone will be able to afford that. And of course that's the beauty of a book, because they can get some of your wisdom, support & expert advice for a fraction of the cost. But *some* of those people will get to the end of your book and be 100% ready to make the commitment to get the results that only you can help them achieve. Hello upsell & client waiting list!


This one is perhaps less obvious, but it's no less valuable for it. When I work with my 1:1 clients, the first thing we do is talk about their business objectives and how the book is going to feed into them. Sometimes this means they end up writing a completely different book than they were planning to! But it's crucial, if you want to turn readers into clients, to work out how the book is going to serve both those readers AND your business. There's no point writing a book that when someone gets to the end of it they think 'well, that was nice. I'm going to put the kettle on'. You want them to think 'wow, that was AMAZING. oh look, here's a fantastic group programme I can join to get EVEN MORE exciting results that are going to transform my life'.  See the difference?

And all of that has to start at the very beginning, which as we all know, is a very good place to start. So, my friend, PLAN PLAN PLAN. Know what you want to get out of this book before you've even written a word, and I promise you that you will see it deliver results back into your business. Because I'm betting that all 7 of those things are on your 2018 Business Goals list? Amirite? 

If that's got you thinking that 2018 is FINALLY going to be the year you do this, but frankly haven't got the first clue how to go from Hot Mess to Publishing Success, then come and have a quick chat with me about it and find out if you can apply for one of my 1:1 slots.  Working through the process with your very own #BookWitch will make it accountable, considerably easier and, above all, fun. (or at least quite heavily biscuit saturated).

Remember, if you don't write it, somebody else will!

JKill xx


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Jessica Killingley