So this week I ran my first Book Clinic in my Facebook group. It was a live Q&A, with you know, actual real live people watching it! Asking questions and everything! I'm going to be doing them every week over the summer as a little experiment, so we'll see if our trusty little community grows some over the coming weeks. 

comic books and toast hangover cure jpg

Up until now, most of the coaching I've been doing has been around more straight business or personal coaching, because well - frankly - after 20 years in publishing, me and books needed to take a little break. It wasn't them, it was me. Ok, ok, I had a summer fling last year with some graphic novels. Now I'm back to my book best behaviour (although me 'n' comics remain BFFs).

I have, naturally, got an enormous amount of knowledge sloshing about in my brain after all that time (I didn't drink it all away). So when it came to publishing coaching, it was always a question of when, not if.

How can one, really, resist the lure of working with people who are just SO DAMN DETERMINED AND EXCITED to get their stories and words out into the world? And as a marketing gonk* the fact that publishing a book can grow your business and help you reach a wider audience is also nerdily exciting to me. 

So I'm going to be answering as many questions as get thrown at me about getting a book published, every Wednesday at 12.30 in my facebook group. Come join! 

I'm also looking forward to working 1:1 with people to really nail their proposals, structures, pitches, marketing plans, launch plans, platform growth plans - whatever anyone needs help with to make their book a success. I know that publishing deals are like Hen's Teeth, so give yourself the best possible shot with an incredible pitch that will really nail what a publisher is looking for. 


*I'm going to be really happy if one day someone finds this site because they typed 'marketing gonk' into it