Sunday Night Blues...

I did a FB live video recently on a Sunday night after a hot, outdoorsy weekend. One of those weekends that comes straight out of the pages of a smug middle class magazine - the kind that’s got leaflets of the National Trust in it, and ads for sandals that you can wear in rockpools in Cornwall. That kind of weekend. I was hot and sweaty and what little make up I had left on was sliding down my face. 

I do meander a lot, but this is relevant, trust me.

In the old days, a weekend like that would have a dark side; one that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. It seems there’s a direct correlation between the awesomeness of your weekend with how utterly shit and miserable you’ll feel on a Sunday night. Amirite?

For me, the ‘old days’ were my 9-5, corporate job in publishing, that I did for 20 years. Now, don’t get me wrong. I did *not* hate my job. Not by a long way. Sure, there were bits of it that weren’t serving me,  and those would ultimately cause me to make the leap to something better, but lots of it was lovely. 

Even so, monday mornings. pfft. I genuinely believed that people who said they loved them were drunk, stupid or liars. Possibly all three (although that makes them sound kinda fun). 

So fast forward to the ‘new days’  (skip to the end) and my sunday nights are very different.

When I tell you I spend them working you’re going to look at me a bit funny and maybe throw something at my head.  But it’s not what it sounds like!  My sunday nights are all about planning the coming week. Not just in a to-do list way (although, hello, girl loves her productivity planners) but setting my intentions. I’ve discovered that setting intentions for the week is the thing that pulls you off the treadmill. You stop focusing on what you have to do, and start to focus on what you want to BE. Not what you have to get through to claw your way to another weekend, but what do you want to achieve that will bring you immense satisfaction and pride.

The hour or so on a sunday night is possibly one of the most valuable parts of my week. It gives me:

  • Total freedom and permission to enjoy my weekend with my family and to be really present and intentional in my time with them because my brain isn’t flitting back over to work every half an hour. I know I've got that time coming to get my ducks in a row
  • A chance to reflect on what I achieved in the week that’s just been. Celebrating wins, looking for lessons in the misses and generally honouring the highs and lows
  • Time to review my goals. Because the whole point of goal setting in the first place is that you regularly check back in with them to make sure you’re heading in the right direction
  • Absolute clarity that I am focusing on the three main things that will drive my business forward this week
  • Good intentions go on to create good habits. Whether it’s work, diet, exercise, self care, you need the motivation to propel you through the week. How many times have you got to Wednesday and thought, ‘ah fuck it, I’ll start again on Monday’. How many weeks slip by like that?
  • A kick up the arse. Because I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing finer to propel you energetically into Monday morning

So now I tell you, hand-on-heart that I love my Sunday nights and I love my Monday mornings. I am not a liar, I am not drunk (although it depends on when you’re reading this) and I am not particularly stupid. I grab my trainers, my notebook and my coffee and I sprint off into the week. 

How about you? 



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As ever, we finish with a tune....

(that's the SECOND time Blondie hits the playlist fact fans)