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Helping Entrepreneurs become Bestselling Authors
Are you sitting comfortably?


Is writing a book something that you've got on your vision board or to-do list?

Picture the scene...

You've always promised yourself that ONE DAY you would write a book. You just know you've got it in you. So you spend months torturing yourself about whether now is the time or if you can let another year of faffing about go by. Then one night after one too many wines, you post in your Facebook group that you’ve started writing.  Hello, accountability! So you’ve got to do it now. Several more months go by where you start putting your ideas down on paper. Some days it’s ace and you can write and write. Other days it’s like unmedicated dental surgery.  But finally, it’s done. You give it to your significant other who makes some mumbled but encouraging noises and mentions spell checker. You start noodling about on CreateSpace and email your mailing list that the book is coming out. You wake up on publication day and rush to your computer to check sales and reviews. Your mum has given it 4 stars on amazon. Fast forward a week and you’ve sold 4 copies. We quietly draw the curtain on this dispiriting tableau.

Or maybe it goes something like this...

You’re sitting down to do your business planning - 90 days, 6 months & the next year -  and are focusing in on the things that are going to grow your business and give you immense personal satisfaction. You want a thriving, profitable business that can reach more people than you can work with on a 1:1 basis. You dream of giving a Ted Talk; you want a packed-out group programme, a VIP waiting list. You’re going to get your confident and capable behind on that daytime TV sofa goddammit. You know that writing a book is a smart & fast way to build 'know, like & trust' with your audience, whilst also creating a pretty neat stream of passive income. 

Let’s fast forward to  a few months later and you've got all your strategies in place. You're confident the book delivers the message you want it to, you know it's going to reach the right audience and you've got solid marketing plans that are going to do the business when it comes to a return on your investment. Your launch campaigns have been neatly integrated with the rest of your business and you're excited to see the reception your book gets. Early reviews suggest it's going to be a great one!

Fast forward again to a month after publication and you are waking up to a full inbox every morning with requests for speaking engagements and people wanting to work with you, all because of the incredible level of 'know, like & trust' that reading your book has established amongst your ideal clients. 

Which looks more appealing to you? I’m going to guess the second one, because you’re not an idiot. 

So how does the second one happen? How do you get to Bestseller Dream rather than Slush Pile Dread? You get the help of a publishing expert. That's me, by the way.

Working with Jessica has been an absolute dream! I had jumbled ideas that made for great book potential, but crafting them into a well-thought-out first draft was not going to be something I cranked out on my own. I needed help and she gave me that in spades! She transformed the vision I had into a smart, personal (which I protested at first), well-organized outline that I desperately needed to keep me on track to create a better book than I could have imagined. Without her expertise, constant motivation, and brilliant sense of humor when the edits were stressful, I would not have completed it. I’d still be blankly staring at my screen with a bunch of scrambled thoughts. If you want to get those thoughts out of your head and arranged in a book that will have an impact on your readers, then make the smartest choice you’ll ever make and hire Jessica. Your book will get written, published, and you’ll be so proud of it, because she’s not messing around!
— Paige Killian, Organization & Style coach

why work with a publishing consultant?

The simple answer is that, as with any form of coaching, mentoring or consultancy, it will get you to where you want to be faster, more efficiently and more effectively. If your goal is to write and publish a book that will go on to find the widest possible audience, then having a publishing expert to guide and support you through the process is not only going to make it a lot more achievable, but also a fun, successful and pleasurable experience!

Whether you want to leverage the benefits that self-publishing can bring to your business or believe you have the right message and the right profile to get a traditional deal, here are some of the things I can work with you on:

  • Turn an idea or business model into a book concept

  • Turn your concept into an actual book structure

  • Break down the process into manageable steps so you can fit writing around your undoubtedly busy life

  • Get past your blocks and fears of writing a book in the first place and help you realise that you have a unique story that only YOU can tell

  • Decide which publishing model is best for you based on your preferences and business objectives

  • Understand how self publishing might be the best solution for you

  • Understand how traditional publishing might be the best solution for you

  • Craft your book proposal into an unbeatable pitch that will make agents and editors sit up and take notice

  • Get the most out of your relationship with a traditional publisher and make sure you are working together to create the best possible launch

  • Create a marketing plan that builds on the three main phases of publication, whichever route to publishing you take

  • Work with you to create all the assets and content you need to make plenty of noise about your book

  • Grow your audience so you are launching your book from the strongest possible platform

  • Establish you as a writing brand so that the focus is not just on one book, but a writing career with longevity

  • Maximise the opportunities that publishing the book creates for your business from publication and beyond

That's a lot of stuff right? See now why having someone to help you navigate it, keep you accountable and make sure you only do the bits you NEED to do is going to prove invaluable? Yup. 

Why work with ME in particular?

Well because I'm totally boss, obvs. But seriously. Getting people to read (and crucially, BUY) books has literally been my life's work. (It was sort of accidental, but that's a whole other story). If you've come here by a strange route and missed the part where I spent 20 years working in the UK publishing industry then where have you been? (Get up to speed here) I take an approach that looks at two key factors in almost forensic detail. First is you, the author. What are you writing and why? What do you want to achieve and what does it mean to you? How do we translate that into a really successful campaign? How do we balance creativity with commercial success to preserve the integrity of your work whilst also, you know, selling loads of it. The second strand is your audience. Who are they? Where are they? How do we put your book in front of them? How do we get them to pay actual money for it? How do we get them to tell other people how great your book is?

If you are writing a book in order to grow your business, I want to make sure it does exactly that. Getting a 'bestseller' tag is a lovely feeling and definitely something to shoot for, but it's not the be-all and end-all. It's not a magic bullet. There is a lot of other work that goes into making that book really work for you as a marketing tool and I am passionate about making sure it delivers for your business. 

Whilst there are broad patterns and processes that can be followed for most publications, every book is unique, which means every campaign is unique. I bring fresh ideas and creativity to every single project, as well as marketing & business strategies that will deliver. 

So why me? I am a book nerd; I am a marketing nerd. I believe the devil is in the detail and that a book worth writing about a message that's worth reading, is a book that's worth selling. Whether you just want to get one 'How to...' book out there that you know will help a ton of people, or you want to build yourself a long-term author brand, I want to help you do it properly. I want to help you turn readers into clients.

I had harboured a tiny thought about writing a book for many years but had done nothing about it as I never thought I really would. Jessica’s brilliance and experience kept popping in to my awareness through many recommendations in other groups and I wanted to find out more. I soon realised that Jessica’s style of working is right up my street and I signed up to her Plan to Publish course to dabble in the possibilities of my book.

Jessica is both fun and challenging in equal measure and her experience and knowledge is so obvious as she teaches, guides and shares her expertise. I have since bitten the bullet and joined her #Bookwitch Magic group programme to actually write my actual, proper book!

Jessica is coaching me (sometimes shoving me quite hard!) through every stage from planning to getting the sodding thing drafted and then eventually out there for the world to read. A long way off but it will be done. And it will be better than I can ever have imagined because of Jessica’s fantastic help and support. If you are up for a book-developing and writing process that involves tea, biscuits, challenge, laughter, masses of expertise and some swearing, Jessica is your woman!
— Sue Tappenden, Executive Coach

OK THEN. I'm ready to go all in...

Copy of Copy of want to publish a book but have zero clue how to do it?.png
  • If writing a book is something you've dreamed about for as long as you can remember

  • If you are excited by the boost it could give your business

  • If you want to create the calling card that will open the door to exciting new opportunities for your brand

  • If you want the chance to have your story, your message, reach a far wider audience than you can with your existing business model

  • If you dream of standing out from the crowd and being the Next Big Thing in your industry

  • If you want to plan, write and publish your book with the same commitment, diligence and integrity that you bring to all aspects of your business

  • If you want your book to mean business

then it's time you gave me a call...

... because I want to work with you to lay strong foundations for your book AND your business and give you all the tools you need create a successful launch.

So visit my Work With Me page or Email Me and let's chat to see how we can make YOUR words count.


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You've done the reading, now let's do some talking and then let's get you writing.