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Helping Entrepreneurs become Bestselling Authors
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I used to think that people who said they loved their job so much that they looked forward to Monday morning were either drunk, stupid or lying.

I spent 20 happy, crazy, stressful, hilarious, miserable, exhausting, exhilirating, creative and sweary years in the marketing departments of four major multi award-winning publishing companies within both Penguin Random House and Hachette UK, where I learned my craft from the bottom up. I've chaired meetings, I've built endless cardboard display bins, I’ve cried in the toilets, I’ve won awards,  I’ve got drunk at lunchtime,  I’ve worked till 11pm every night for months and I've clocked countless bestsellers and helped sell literally millions of books. And there was that one time I had to charter a private jet.

I have created bestselling campaigns for household name authors like John Grisham, Stephen King, Michael McIntyre and Stephen Fry. 

I have (deep breath):

worked on commercial fiction, science fiction, crime fiction, literary fiction, history, politics, science, biography, memoirs, business, reference, cookery, humour, children’s books, self help, lifestyle and sport.  
I have launched debut authors, created bestsellers, crafted and run publicity campaigns, won countless pitches, built websites, filmed hundreds of authors, wrote hundreds and hundreds of thousands of words of copy.
I have taught a Guardian Masterclass on social media, taught a 2 day course on How to Get a Job in Publishing, run events, taught lectures, delivered webinars, directed conferences, run exhibition stands, planned bookshop tours, hosted parties and actual piss-ups in breweries.
I have created ads that appeared on TV, radio, cinema screens, billboards, nationwide poster sites, the London underground, in newspapers,  magazines, on websites, mobiles, search engines, social media platforms, flyposted on the street and projected onto the side of buildings.

In the middle of all of this I earned a Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Diploma, undertook a range of professional coaching & mentoring training, took up boxing (for realz) and was promoted to my company's board. 

I also ate an insane amount of cake.

Then one day at work, that eternal question that haunts job interviews and appraisals cropped up:

Where do you see your future?

Well now.

Whilst one route could have seen me carry on carrying on (publishing does have a wonderful tradition of Grande Dames after all), I've always believed that it's pretty healthy to run, with flailing arms, towards something that scares you (see above re: boxing). So I thought 'hey, let's ditch that company pension scheme, subsidised flat whites (sob) and 25 days holiday a year and go it alone'.


I realised that I had the opportunity for a rewarding path that brings all my skills together to help people do things differently and create huge successes in their personal and business lives. Publishing is such a diverse and fascinating industry, but traditional publishing is just one way of doing it. There are so many other ways for people to become successful authors and I want to be able to share my knowledge and experience to help them do just that. 

Coaching someone through the process of getting their book out into the world is something that I regard as an absolute privilege. Helping that person find the biggest possible audience and really make their words count has an impact beyond measure. Seeing that book deliver tangible results right back into their business ... well, that's the really magic part.

On one level I am working with you to achieve your dream, but that book then goes on to help thousands of other people. It deserves its place in the world, just as you deserve your role as its author. 

 It might be coaching you through the things that are holding you back from writing ('Who am *I* to write a book?' you might say to me, to which I will say back 'The only person that can tell *YOUR* story, that's who'). Or it might be helping you strategise and leverage the publication, and take your business and personal brand to a whole new level of growth and success. Or it could be working with you to map out an absolutely kick-ass launch strategy. 

So to tie it all together with a ribbon: 

I know A TON about publishing, marketing, getting shit done and getting out of your own way. If I can teach as many people as possible how to do that so they can go on and totally smash it in their own lives and businesses then I can go to bed happy every night.  If I can help you find the platform to change the world with your ideas and make people's lives better with your words, hell, who WOULDN'T want to do that?

So this is me. If that mission sounds like something you can get on board with then come on over and find out how you can work with me

Big Love,

Jessica x

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And these are the 7 immutable laws of JKill that I know to be true

drink tea, be excellent, go home

1) If you don't tell your story, somebody else will

2) Publishing and marketing a book, setting up and growing your business, working out what to do with it all. These things are both simple and also leave you feeling it would be easier to fly to the moon. But with the right mindset, and the right person by your side walking you through the process, well, then you've got GOLD DUST baby

3) You are special. What you want to do & write about is special. People will go crazy for what you have to offer. Believe it. When you do believe it, that's half the battle won.

4) Making the leap to do something that is a little scary is MIRACULOUS. Being the driving force behind a successful business is going to feel WONDROUS. Publishing a book will make you feel INVINCIBLE. Sharing your story and your words to help, entertain, educate and inspire others will make you FORMIDABLE*.

5) Having someone in your corner helping you do this is going to make you UNSTOPPABLE

6) Giving up before you've even really tried is WEAK SAUCE. Go hard or go home. Pain is weakness leaving your body. Stumbling blocks are just stepping stones you haven't seen yet. Done is better than perfect. Seriously,  I can do this all day...

7) It turns out that you don't have to be drunk, stupid or lying to love Monday mornings. Who knew!?

So if you want to join a community that's going to help you get your book out there and selling, whilst also just talking general book/productivity/biscuit nerdery then I can't wait to meet you in my Facebook Group for Aspiring Bestselling Authors. Come and say hi! If you amuse me with a really good gif, then I might send you a KitKat. 


*Anyone else find it impossible to say that word NOT in French accent?